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Hazard Signs

Hazard Signs


Need to restrict access to a particular area or alert employees to potential hazards or simply provide direction? Hazard Safety Signs play an important role in your facility. The use of Hazard labels and Hazard stickers or the warning labels is often enforced by law and directed by standards organizations. Hazard labels and Hazard Safety Stickers appear with different colors, backgrounds, borders and supplemental information in order to signify the type of Hazard.

There are some common Hazard warning labels which you would often see on bottles and containers. These are used for warning people about dangerous chemicals. It is helpful to know what these hazard warning labels mean, so that you know what kind of chemicals you are dealing with. Hazard Safety Signs play an essential role in many situations, they are used to warn employees or visitors that a potential Hazard is present, this includes anything that can cause physical harm to a person.

To have the correct  Hazard Safety sign displayed in the right location, it is essential to understand the definition of each classification. DANGER – warns of a particular hazard or hazardous condition that is likely to be life-threatening, situations or actions that could possibly ‘kill you’. WARNING – warns of a hazard or hazardous condition that is not likely to be life threatening, but could still ‘hurt you’. EMERGENCY INFORMATION – indicates the location of, or directions to, emergency related facilities such as Exits, Safety equipment, these are used to ‘inform you’. FIRE – advise the location of fire alarms and fire fighting facilities and equipment; this classification is also a means of an ‘inform you’ sign.

Vinyl Banners Printing line of General  Hazard Safety Stickers clearly communicate potential hazards or conditions likely to cause danger, risk, or injury with the goal of keeping employees and workers safe. Customise Hazard Safety Stickers with your company’s logo, picture or any custom message. Send us your instructions and our experienced designer team will design the stickers to provide the best outcome on your next sign job. We print Hazard Safety Stickers on 280 GSM glossy adhesive sticker vinyl using UV Ink.

We Promise you excellent customer service and fast turnaround time with high quality standards. Feel free to request an instant quote at any time to find the price for printing your custom Hazard Safety Sticker, chat with our online chat representative to discuss your order. Order Now!