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First Aid Signs

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First Aid Signs

First Aid Signs


Appropriate First Aid Signage is an important element to avoid accidents that are waiting to happen at your facility. Employees or customers must be clearly directed to first aid stations and medical treatment to ensure a safe work environment. First Aid signs reinforce safe work practices and ensure that your employees are prepared for accidents and emergencies. Vinyl Banners Printing First Aid Signs identify safety equipment and First Aid stations.

You need to act quickly when an accident takes place in your facility and provide First Aid until paramedics arrive. Perhaps it’s a chemical accident, or an injury from heavy equipment. Maybe eyes need to be flushed, or wounds compressed, or maybe just a band aid is needed. Whatever the accident or injury, our First Aid Signs will direct your workers to the proper area to retrieve the right supplies.

Designed with pictograms and bold text our First Aid Sign Stickers clearly indicate the locations of First Aid kits, Safety Showers, Eyewash Stations and other Safety Equipment. Keep your employees aware of First Aid stations and supply areas with First Aid Signs from Vinyl Banner Printers. Stay in compliance and promote safety by choosing from our wide selection of First Aid Signs.

Don’t lose precious time when providing First Aid. Make sure you can find emergency kits and supplies when you need them. At work or in your vehicle, a First Aid kit has everything you need. Make sure you know where it is. Label your kits and supplies with our clearly visible and readable First Aid Sign Stickers. We use bright colors using UV Ink which never fades away.

We can customise these stickers for you with adding your company logo or a custom message as we have a professional designing service and we DO NOT charge for customising. You can have stickers printed out on any size, we have lots of sizes available.

So what are you waiting for? Give us an opportunity to serve you, feel free to chat with our sales agents using the online chat feature and discuss your order. We take pride in our excellent customer services. Order Now!