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4 corners

50cm Apart

4 at top only

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1.5 inches top & bottom


2 inches top & bottom


2.5 inches top & bottom


3 inches top & bottom


3.5 inches top & bottom


4 inches top & bottom


1.5 inches left & right


2.5 inches left & right



If both sides of your order are larger than 1m then your banner wil be folded. This may cause slight creases in the banner.


Your order shall be delivered without any folds. The maximum lengh without a crease 2.4m afterwhich the banner will be folded.

* If you would like your banner unfolded, but the parcel size exceeds 1.5m in length, then this parcel can only be sent on a 48Hr Large Box delivery. Please select 48Hr delivery option to order this banner unfolded.
*If both sides of your banner exceeds 1.5m in length and width, there will be a fold after every 1.5m.
We can also arrange a private hand delivered courier service to deliver this banner next day unfolded, please call us for a quote.

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What types of materials can be used for banner printing? +
The primary material used by Vinyl Banners Printing is 510gsm PVC vinyl. They also offer mesh banners made from a perforated material, which is suitable for windy conditions.
If I buy more than one banner, can I have a different design on each banner? +
Yes. You can have a different design on each banner. We also offer a free design service to help you design your banners.
How much does it cost to print a custom banner? +
The cost of printing a custom banner depends on the size, material, quantity and mostly, when its needed. For example, a 6ft x 2ft PVC banner for £24.99 for 5-7 day delivery, £29.99 for Next Day Delivery, and £55.45 for same day collection. Prices vastly vary on delivery time and size.
What are the standard banner sizes available for printing? +
You can choose any size you want for your banner, and the price will be calculated accordingly. However, the most common banner sizes are 3ft x 8ft, 2m x 1m and 6ft x 2ft. If your not sure, speak to one of our advisors for what the purpose of your banner is, and will advise based on our extensive experience.
Can I print a banner with my own design or logo? +
Yes, you can print a banner with your own design or logo. Vinyl Banners Printing offers a free design service, where you can either upload your own design or have their team create one for you.
What is the turnaround time for banner printing and delivery? +
Vinyl Banners Printing offers fast turnaround times, we put our customer in control with delivery. We offer same day, next day, 48 hour, 72 hour and a standard 5-7 day service. You can have a banner printed for when you need it.
Are there any bulk order discounts for banner printing? +
Yes! We have a bulk discount section, we make things simple, straight forward transparent pricing. The more you buy, the cheaper the price gets. Simple.
How do I choose the right finish for my banner (e.g., eyelets, hemming, pole pockets)? +
This all depends on the use of the banner. Banners that are gooing to be used once or twice will not require hemming, reinforced edges, however ample eyelets around the banner would be recommended. If you plan to display your banner ourdoors, then hemming should be considered for large size banners along with eyelets 50cm apart.
What are the best practices for designing an effective banner? +
The website offers a free design service, which can help you create an effective banner. Key design principles include using a clear message, legible font, contrasting colors, high-quality images, and simple layouts.
Can the banners be printed for outdoor use? How long will they last? +
Yes, the banners can be used outdoors. The 510gsm PVC banners are weather-resistant, waterproof, and UV-protected. PVC banners generally last for a few years, depending on the weather conditions they are exposed to.
What file formats do you accept for banner printing? +
Common file formats for banner printing include PDF, EPS, AI, JPEG, and TIFF. We recommend atleast 72dpi. If none of this makes any sense, dont worry, send us what you have, and our expert designers will be happy to help you buy the perfect looking banner you want.

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Vinyl Banner Printing

High Quality Vinyl Banner Printing services at Trade prices! Huge discounts for bulk orders! Buy 2 Banners Get 1 Free offer on ALL banners.
Vinyl banners are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, so let us know how to intend to use them and our customer service team will recommend the perfect type of banners.

See our banner stands section if you want a frame or a stand to display your banners. The indoor banner stands come with Banners, Delivery and a case!

We offer a fantastic value for money service, so regardless of your budget, we will have something to make your brand stand out.

The Vinyl banners are commonly used for banner displays at events, church, pubs, restaurants, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Retail Shop Floor, Cafe, Receptions, Offices and many more.

If you need a bigger size banner not listed on our site, feel free to either chat with us online using the chat feature, or drop us an email at The team will normally get back to you within minutes with a custom banner quote.

Vinyl banners printing offers full colour PVC banners printing services all over the UK. Most of our banner printing customers are trade customers located in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, North London, South London, Brighton, Suffolk, Liverpool, Sheffield, Essex & Cheshire.

We have thousands of very satisfied customers who buy from us repeatedly mostly due to the excellent customer services we provide and also the amazing design service which is completely personalized to your requirements.

Personalised Banners are prepared and finished to perfection according to your requirements with regards to design, material, finishing and delivery.

Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banner Printing High Quality Vinyl Banner Printing services at Trade prices! Huge discounts for bulk orders! Buy 2 Banners Get 1 Free offer on ALL banners. Vinyl banners are perfect for indoorRead More…